>Two Years and Still going strong..

>Second Blogoversary and My 25th year on Earth!!


I created this blog on the eve of my birthday.. I still remember completing my first post and I received my first wish call from my Friend/Classmate Murugesh. The blog has been my friend, companion, lover,guide and everything I loved sometimes..

Pouring my heart out, my anger, my love, my happiness, my sorrow, my perception, my life. It was always about me. My space with which I lived. I made lots of new friends, old friends became closer who dint even know I could write, Some friends left. Some came back.. This blog has seen many of those.. Unspoken words, silent whispers, murmurs.. everything. I stopped by every time to see what the world around me thinks. I grew up and still have a lot more growing to do. I wish and tell my blog that always be with me no matter who leaves or stay.

People don’t know you, for what good you have done, but for what mistake that happens in the past. All I can say is that I have moved on.. I don’t take what you think or not think about me. After all, nobody is perfect.

Life around me says I am selfish… then I ask again, who isn’t it?? Being here and Living at the moment is what  I do. Doing this or that, good or bad, whatever… I am doing it with all my heart and I dont regret my past!! Accept all mistakes and learn from it. Let me be me. So Life is beautiful as I see it.


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