The Longings of a Loney Friend

We crossed paths so many times,
Yet I’ve never had the chance to really know u
Find out who really u are,
And get to know what we really had!

I wonder how life would have been,
If I had met u!
All those wonderful times,
All those cherished memories!

All the talks n all the walks,
All the smiles n all the cries,
All the laughters n all the tears,
All the gossips n all the facts,
All those friendships n all those envies!

Why haven’t I met u still?
I’ve missed u n will keep missing u!
The day I meet u,
Is the day I pray forever!

Longing to be together forever!

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End of a brilliant phase!!

I cherish Harry potter since it brought about a beautiful phase as well as a beautiful friendship!

I admit it was the movie which made me want to read, same way it did to C.S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narina! I am a feminist though I don’t publicly accept it ( okay now I did), the first thing that impressed me was that a guy in my class in school was so into this book!! Its very hard to find men accept women writers! Still is actually! MEN *SIGH*

Believe me when I say i never read books for the sake of liking it! It was books like economics n history that made me hate books so much! But now I have also fond for a liking of such books due to books like Harry Potter n authors like JK Rowling! Likewise some relationships change everything that was u.

I am taking about a dear friendship which grew becos of taking tutions for maths! I was weak in maths, still am but I did score the highest in it. This was in my 11th std. Bharani was in my class from the 4th std but we hardly ever talked becos I thought she was too shy n she thought I was too bold 🙂 we still laugh abt the fact that we never really liked each other until we took up the same group! 🙂

Harry potter was another reason for the friendship to grow more quicker n thicker! We started with discussing the flaws but then we grew together with it! We read it together n we read it apart, we cried apart n together! Laughed together n apart! I relate my friendship with harry potter. It is a spl bond both harry potter n our friendship!

Harry potter series may end but we will still keep reading it, talk about it, laugh about it! So will it cherish my friendship with her. Love u guys bharani, pavitra, amudha, anusha and sindhu for those lovely memories which will always stay with us forever no matter wherever, whoever u are!

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Dont blame me!!!

Okay! So I did this already but then now that I have bought myself a Blackberry, it better I utilize the services provided by it!

yes!! Shifting again to wordpress!! Atleast this time I hope we don’t stay permanently on wordpress!! Sorry blogger, don’t blame me!! U don’t have an apps for blackberry n u have lost a valuable fan 😦

>Back!!! I hope….

>Before I start, I apologise for not making my presence in the blogging world for i dont remember how long….. I  really dont know if people still care, whether I blog or not, this apology is to who care and to my precious blog. She just must have missed me.

Lots of things changed around. Traveling, jobs, friends changed, college life ends, never planning to go back to studying except u wish you were only a student all your life!!! *SIGH* Well I dont know whether its the ppl n things around me, but I’ve changed too..

BTW, Traveling has been awesome. I have visited like four countries in the just a years time. I flew to Paris , France  and then Bernes, Swiss wich I never know was the capital of the country before visiting and then to brussels, Belguim on education trip. I did everything except studying, but I learnt a lot of things about various cultures, pple and drinking 😛 This one is for another day. loads and loads of stuff to tell you. Then I got a job in Abu Dhabi, UAE. So that makes it four countries!!! By the end of the year, I was back home where I really belong.

I am still the stubborn, I-know-my-life kinda person, but I have become more arrogant and fuming with anger all the time. I am being a typical Scorpion these days. Hating that, By the way..

Lots of reasons contributing to my absence in the blogging arena including my laziness and the micro-blogging website Twitter!! I know all the pple are blaming Twitter, but we all know that it is easier to convey something quicker than sitting and writing a long post about it on Blogger. I met most of the bloggers there who rant, crib, cry, go insane over things that they usually do on Blogger. They think its better to talk abt it in a one liner than writing a paragraph about it… (which is sad!!! I know)

Well, I know twitter is better than blogger, but I’ve missed blogger. I really wish pple would spill out our emotions in a long way rather than a one liner. So I am wishing to write more to succumb my fears and angers on life, turn it into something more fulfilling and satisfying.

PS: I am a little concern about my writing but its good to be back!!!