>Actually, What do men want? o_O

>Off late, I am not coming on the Blogging scene but this topic made me want to write about it!!

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Everybody want to know each other, be it Men or Women!! Everybody cares about the life around us, the people we care and share, the people we want to please and impress, the people we want to hate and regret, the people we love and live for!! Sometimes, if we realised we do want others to talk about what we do and what we don’t do. After all, we are a social being and we do depend on everything around us. No one can deny it.

Coming the topic of what men want, WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT??

We can only approach this topic in a very generalised view, because each person is unique and has her/his own wants and needs.

The first thing that struck me when I read this topic. Men want WOMEN.

Let me explain,
A Women is required to carry a child(Male or female).

A Mother is need take care of the need, to nurture and cultivate values through her love and affection. The Mother plays the most crucial part in the life a child. Men are said to be connected to the mother more than a women. After all, she is the first women in his life. He would anything to get her love. Come who may say, men love their mother more than another women in his life.

A Sister is to teach him to care, share and teach him good from wrong. A sibling is also the first rivalry. The one who act as competition. This is where he faces his first victory or defeat. Embraces each emotion with a sister. As he grows up, the love for sister also grows. He takes care of her, respect her, treat her like equals.
This is a very strong and powerful relationship for his lifetime.

A Girlfriend, to share his secrets, likes, dislikes, passion, compassion, confessions. I know a guys best buddy is a guy too. But a girlfriend accept him as he is. They help each other grow and share their responsibilities and dreams.

A Wife to open up a new world of love. The one which he never imagined that would exist. The Wife play another major part in this life after his mother. To make him feel happy, to make feel loved, to make him feel like a man itself. She remains for the rest of his life as a partner, soul mate, lover, friend & an enemy at times. Sex, a whole chapter in the life of a man is experienced with his wife. All say men are crazy about sex. Yeah it is true but it is also a part of the life which everyone accepts. Sex is not a taboo. The role of his wife is indefinable in the real world. What she does for the MAN in her life and the family cannot be compared to anything. Yeah, All for him. The Man in her life. The true value of his life only begins after his marriage.

A Daughter to make him a father. There is no denial that a father- daughter relationship is one of the strongest. Men are more protective and sensitive when it comes to having a daughter. Most of the times, Men embraces a daughter. Another women to complete him.

A Granddaughter to trouble him, to make him tell stories of his life. To hold his hands when she sleep. Another women who fulfils his whole life.

So many relationship, of course men want men too..But what they want most is the relationship which they crave for from the beginning of his life till the end is Women. I feel all other materialistic things comes only after this. Money, status etc, etc, are all the things which he wants to get only after his true fulfilment- Women are attained.

I dedicate this post about Men to all the Men in my life: My father, My brothers, My friends, My future- husband and May be My future son 😛

On a funny note:

Can you imagine a world without men?  No crime and lots of happy fat women – Marion Smith and Nicole Hollander

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>This post is an entry for a contest in Blogadda called MY FIRST CRUSH. This contest was an initiative by BLOGADDA and Pringoo

Time 7.30AM

School re-opened. New class. 7th std. 13 years old. Something told me I was going to be different this year.

I was walking on the school cycle stand to leave my cycle, awaiting my cousin’s first day in my school. He was joining the 8th std. My father had instructed me to help him out around the school for the first few days. I told myself,” Why the hell should I wait for him? Isn’t he bigger than me?” *SIGH*

 Time 7.45AM
Still waiting for him. Someone was peddling the cycle, to the stand and stopped right besides to me. Who is this boy? He is sooo cute. Tall, lean,well built  Whats wrong with me? My hands are shivering. He looked at me with those beautiful eyes and smiled. Butterflies fluttering in my stomach atleast a thousand of them. (Still feel them sometimes). He said something which I do not remember till day. He smiled again and ran to the assembly hall. I melted then and there. Finally my cousin arrived. I did not want to move from that place yet school was just getting started.

Time 8.00AM
Took my cousin to his class, after which I went to my class. Kept my bag in my class and ran down to the assembly hall. My eyes searched for his eyes, his smile. But he was nowhere to be seen. *SIGH*

Time 12.00PM
The first four classes went in a jiffy. Too much work even on the first day of school. Went to check on my brother during my lunch hour. Of all the person, whom should I see when I entered that class, 8 B. HIM. He was standing with my brother and with a bunch of other guys.  My brother saw me, called me in and introduced me to them. My brother said, his name was Prabhu. Yeah, The same Prabhu who was completely invisible to me all these years in the same school. Skipping my heartbeat, I asked him in thamizh,” Neenga intha schoola evulo nalla irukinga?” ( How long have you been in this school). He said, ” For the past two years. I have seen you many times with your classmates. Havent you seen me?” I replied, “NO.” He was so embarrassed. ” I am mostly in the school grounds.. Hardly come to class.” Then it struck me, Prabhu was a champion in sports. He was the captain for the school basketball team. He played many sports and won many championship awards. Then I said, ” Oh Prabhu, I am a big fan of yours. You play the best basketball I have ever known.” He smiled again, ” Thanks”. I melted again.
My brother, ” You better go before class starts.” I stared at him with so much envy that he turned his face to me and left with Prabhu and gang.

Time 2.30PM

I was the talk of the town by then.. First girl in class to have a crush on a senior. OKAY. I told a few girls in class. Then News spread like fire. Everybody in class wanted to know how it happened. I was already being teased with him.All this happened on the first day of school. Imagine, how I studied that year… ;P

School was over for the day, yet I did not want to go home. Waited near my cycle to see if Prabhu would come to take his cycle.

Time 3.00PM
Still no Prabhu. I guess he would be in practice. My champion.

Time 3.15PM
Prabhu came with the other guys. I was still near my cycle. He asked in thamizh,” Innum nee vettuku pola?” ( Why haven’t you gone home yet?) I said I was waiting for my brother and asked if he had seen him. Prabhu said,” He had gone home already(which I knew, BTW). Okay, then I have to go. I will see you tomo. See ya..bye..”

Both of us, took our cycles together and peddled away to the gate. We went in the opposite direction. Yet my heart went behind him. I looked back to see whether he was still there, but he was gone already.

Time 3.30PM
Reached home. Ate lunch. Still thinking about him. Smiling to myself. That was the first time, I wrote a boy’s name in my diary with a heart next to it. I still have that piece of paper as a memory of my first CRUSH. Prabhu, was and will always remain in my heart forever as my first crush.

Later, we became good friends since he became my brother’s best buddy but I never had the guts to tell my crush on him. But , I knew, that he knew that I liked him. He left school after two years.
I still think about him sometimes. I hope to tell him one day, that I had my first crush on him.

I thank BLOGADDA to make me walk through the memory lane again. Taking me back to my school days where life was always beautiful

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