Friendships day 7.8.2011

There are still some who make life living. Like mothers, babies and friends! The last, being the most likely to make that happen. Perhaps it all began when Adam was lost in the world called ‘Paradise’. When Eve found out the person she was going to find company in, she wasn’t sure what name she’d put to this newfound company. I think all of us innately can never put any definitive name to ‘friendship’. Its one feeling of togetherness that can never stand in comparison to another relation in the world!

Friends for Life

While there are some things that remain constant in life, like love and marriage, taxes and cranky husbands, so is friendship! The only difference is that friends live on for a lifetime! Amidst crises, small and big, blood relations somehow come in the last lap of the scenario. Every woman needs a friend because friends make life worth living! It’s only friends who handle a mishap and mend a broken heart. Friends are the first to handle everything from celebrations to accidents to even domestic calamities. I think God made friends to make us life live the way we want.

They accept us the way we are and we on the other hand neglectfully handle. They are like the Almighty’s first impression while trotting on the path of life! While in school, we all learn to make friends and share parts of our life. But it is not always that we like to take the instructions off hand. We actually spend most of the time being within our world, with our own little selfish selves. With Teenage coming in and what seems like an era of identity crises galore, it is only friends who can actually understand what the ‘real’ feeling at the time is! Parents aside, its only natural to have a friend speak to you and impart that timely advise no other blood relation could ever convince you with.

It is no wonder that most politicians do not have as many friends as compared to the many advisors that thwart their way of accurate thinking! Man being the lonely animal that he is, it’s only natural to define any person associated with you to be first identified as a friend! Some food for thought Pal!


>2009- the year which passed with everything


I was too lazy to start writing what happened in my 2009 but I had a few of my friends who wanted me to write about it. Thank you guys for making me write “SOMETHING” again. Nowadays, I’m too lazy. Life is too boring. All I do is sit around playing Farmville, Cafe world, Happy aquarium and Pet ville. It took up all my precious blogging time. After some nice advice from a few friends( including bloggers) I’ve given up Farmville.. Will do the others to while I get going with other much more important stuff. Enough of my ranting about the present.. lets talk about 2009, the year which had everything.

The beginning was as cool as it will get with all my friends getting close and personal. We had the most funniest and most depressing moments this year. I understood the true meaning of betrayal by a best friend. I cried my wits out but it has to go on and I had others things to worry about. 2009, was tough. Too many friendships were lost and a very few I gained. My sister had also had a tough time getting VISA for her higher education in UK. Learnt a lot people tried to stop that happening. So many huddles and cries, finally, she landed there with no trouble. At least, that’s what we thought but she also had some trouble. Thank God, my brother also lives in Leeds to take care of her. People are sometimes so rude and selfish. They do anything to have their life more pleasurable.

A lot of happy things also happened like the time I wrote my first OPEN BOOK exams which was awesome but tiring since we had to write from our laptop and stuff. The final part of the year was okay, I just got lucky to have such wonderful family who stand by my side at any cost. The part where I thought were I would lose my best friends was finally gotten over . Alas, true friendship triumphs… Last but not the least, I got a whole lot of friends and well wishers through blogging.. I’m grateful to all of them for their support and care. Blogging has become a very integral part of my life and I love doing it. Learning new things everyday. Accepting failure as well as success. I feel that every year has its own way of teaching us the most important things in life. Not to forget that we age every year. It is a pleasant living the life as it comes.. That me.. Take life as it comes…. Still going strong in 2010

>The tribute continues 4….



I know this one was going far too long but i have so many people in class.. Now if i change to smaller paragraph it wouldn’t be fair on my part to leave out my other classmates..

Roll.No:27 Prasanna Venkatesh: He is a friend who would stick with you no matter what. I share a lot of things with him vice versa. He is very afraid to make CONFERENCE call to anybody. Prasanna has a mannerism to keep clapping his hands, when he is taking or making a presentation. We share a special friendship!! He hates people who ignore him. He gets very angry when people think ill about him and is likely to take revenge on them. He is cool and sensitive!! He has a new yamaha bike which is like his first love next would be Ramya. 

Roll No:28 Ramachandran: Avan nadipan. Ram is the most dynamic and smart guy in class. He acts as if he is goodie goodie but is a natural trouble maker. He has the aspirations to do something for the country. Sometimes he is one of the best in class and other times, the worst. He doesn’t talk a lot but he knows a lot. Ramachandran is a funny and sincere student who loves the country and very proud to be an Indian..

Roll. No: 29 never existed too!!

Roll.No:30 Raj Murugan: He has recently changed his name to RIthish murugan. Some sort of numerology stuff. He is too funny and we used to hang around a lot when he was still in college.. now that he left I have no clue..

Roll no:31 Ronak: Actually a great person to be but the attitude of I-know-everything-and-you-know-nothing sucks.. If you know everything then you should try to inculcate it in others too… thats the basic truth we all live for. I know its a competitive world, yet some morals and values are still in existence. Yet I appreciate your work culture and way you put up with things. You have a great sense of creativity and you will definitely make a good Event Manager..

>The tribute continues 3…



Note: Hey guys, this is not to hurt anyone.. but something i felt I should do. I love doing it .. please don’t take me the wrong way. From here, things will get real personal.

Roll No:21 and Roll No: 22 Not sure if they exist in college..and if they do, I’ll edit this one..

Roll No:23 Nirandhari She is math genius who loves to play with numbers.. She is more an engineer than a MBA. I feel that she lacks the confidence in her. She is rather very sweet if you get to know her personally. She is mostly influenced by people who are close to her. She is prone to get angry fast without any reason. BTW, she is the roommate of the before mentioned “PRIYANKA” in this post. They are real good friends who like to be with each other. People feel that those two are inseparable but I’m damn sure that they will go on their own ways once the course is over. Guys wanna bet??

Roll No: 24 Praveen Chandar : (with a tear in my eye) He is one the best friend who will do anything for a friend. You must have seen all my “Missing my friend” poems and post on this particular person. He was a Gem of a friend. People used to envy our friendship until something something…Personally, it was my fault about what had happened. I was such an idiot to lose such a wonderful friend who wanted to my friend eternally. My dear Praveen is the sweetest of all the guys in class. He is a good friend, a funny and caring guy. I just hope that everything I said doesn’t happen and he lives happily ever after without seeing me after college days.

PS: To Praveen, I’m not as bad as you think I am. What I did was wrong but I just hated to see you cry. You are like my little bro so you mean a lot to me now and forever!!! 🙂 and never hesitate to come back to me, because I’m waiting to be with you again. Love you lots and missing you very badly.

Roll No:25 Nishanth The margazhi dog. Lol. Just kidding. He is the silent killer. The master blaster of our class. Exceptionally talented and intelligent to the core. Main aim in life: to get married to a girl with all the riches. Well, and he sort of achieved it also by going on with my class” TRISHA” (lol) Akila. Quite a businessman and also known to steal ideas from others. Not a hard worker, but a smart one. He knows what he wants in life and he also knows how to get it the smart way. I am very honoured and proud to have such a beloved friend, who stands up for friendship. I really like his guts and I also know a little secret about you which is never mentioned in public. Guys, Wanna know??? Ask him yourself.

Roll No: 26 Winya I present to you the “BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL” Winya. She is hot some times and not so hot the other times. Lol. The greatest person in class who knows how to handle things the right way. Winya is a real fashion freak who loves clothes, footwear and other accessories. One of the boldest girls in class and stands up for right things only. She is awesome and sweet. Gets teased by all the guys in class for various reasons which have least effected her in anyways. Good Public Speaker and has a lot of common sense with which she oozes us all. I hate the way she speaks Tamil even though she is from down south herself.

To be continued…

PS: Guys, I have my exams starting from the fourth of November. I’ll try to read up the posts and keep you updated about my first blogovesary.

>The tribute continues 2….


Roll No:16 Pradap Kumar: He is like this big boy of class. He remodels bikes and cars and loves it. He changed his pulsar into something totally crazy and funky which looks gr8 to me atleast. He is one of those hostel guys and comes to college once or twice a week. Most of the time, these guys are boozed or sleeping! Every night is PARTY night there. I kinda feel jealous about it. Pradap is from kovai and is very proud about it. He looks silent and quite but in reality, he is a terror. He once lost his phone and was very upset about it because he had that phone for more than 3 years. Some sort of girl friend sentiment, I guess. Lol. Rowdy Pradap

Roll No:17 Shiva: Ah… Shiva. He is like this one crazy guy whose leg is pulled by all the guys and girls in class. He comes up with some of the mokkaiest of statements in the history of mokkais. The best part is that he never is afraid about anybody. He lives in hostel too. The only guy, who doesn’t drink or smoke among them. He is honest, sincere and very passionate about this course. He is a sweet heart. I talk a lot to him and we help a lot during exams and studies and stuff. One guy who liked my blog and wanted to start one for himself after seeing mine.(:P). Shiva, you are the one of the craziest friend I ever had and will always be there.. Thanks again for your friendship.

Roll No:18 Marudhu Pandian: Future Finance Minister!!! Well, may be, you never know. Actually, his father is a hard core politician so since Marudhu has done Finance, he would want to be the next FM. And also he is planning to start up a new institute for MBA called MIPM(Marudhu’s Institute of Planning and Management). He is a macho man!! Looks like a army guy and but not so rough n tough. He was in love with a girl but they broke up, but he still loves her. He called himself “ BIG BABY” Hope you understand what it mean.. Still a baby in a grown body.

Roll No: 19 Ajith Bohra: He is a male chauvinist. He acts as if girls are meant to be under his feet. I really don’t care about what he thinks and perceives about girls and if he is such a thing, I don’t give a damn about it either. You hardly see him in class. Doesn’t really respect girls and also thinks that we are meant for only carrying babies and cook for men. Such kinda guys are just not worth talking about.

Roll No: 20 Neelam : She is a short girl. Very cute and loves to wear long tops. She is engaged already. Can’t wait to get married next year. Whenever she does presentation, its hard to see her stand because the podium is bigger than her, so she gets teased a lot by the guys for that but still doesn’t care about it. She does all her on time and is good at studies. She is a doll and pretty cool to have her as a friend.. You can count on her and she is always ready to help you whenever needed.

>The tribute continues..

>Roll No:7 Fadil: Referred as fidil or lots of others things which I dont want to mention. Thats because I said no bias. lol. Fadil is a great guy!! He is quite and sweet. He is sort of like a loner in class. Nobody pays attention to him but that guy has some serious thought process and knows what he does. He gets irritated by most of my classmates but don’t really care about it. The attitude I like in him. I think he should be more attentive and more punctual in class( who talking about that!!)
Roll No 8 and 9 have also left class and joined the other section.
Roll No: 10 Hariharan Nothing much to write.. I don’t know what to say…
Roll No:11 left the building. Its stupid this college doesn’t remove them and replace the roll numbers below…
Roll No:12 Jagdev Small boy. hardly seen in class or college. appears once in a while like the rains in Chennai. Nothing much to say but he has a lot of talent at that very young age..
Roll No:13 Jayesh According to me, he is the only one who is and acts like an MBA in class. Jayesh is well composed and good in things that he does. He is like this only intelligent guy in class who asks sensible questions which are accepted by the faculty. He is a hard core banker and atleast knows where he wants to be in his life( unlike like others with no sense of responsibility). Good guy, easy-going and I love your smile. So keep smiling which is the best thing about you!! 🙂
Roll no:14: left the building!!
Roll No: 15 Mukesh : He never attends class except for test so nothing much about him from my side, may be the guys would know something!!!

>Realising the value of friendship

>During these days, I get into a lot of trouble in college. Yes. The thing is I do things impulsively which results in something else which was not meant to happen. I’m getting back to be very naughty. I usually tease and get teased… A Lot. Basically, I do it for the fun of it but I make sure that nothing serious happens or I don’t go beyond my limits. I know the feeling of other people and try my level best not to hurt them. Not all of us are alike. We are a unique piece of art created by god for some purpose in life. So many difference, yet, we are all here for doing something. Having a meaning for every minute of our life.

Same goes to friends and our other relationship with people. Life isn’t always having the good people. Life is all about being what we are and how we manage ourselves. Like I always say, ” WE LEARN FROM MISTAKES.” I’m not saying that I’m a good person neither a bad person. Qualities I think good, may not be the same for others. These are not the common qualities. I’m talking about qualities like friendship, understanding, etc. What am I trying to convey through all these things?? ( i really dono at the moment.. but lets hope I get what I’m trying to say)

Today, like I was saying, I was teasing an OLD friend of mine which was not a good thing. She got angry and pissed off. I try to handle things on my own without other people involving themselves into the case unlike she did the opposite. She involved her so-called BF into the issue and this became a big issue as the guy came and talked to me about it. He is also a very good friends of mine and I said I did it for the sake of fun . It hurt her that badly, I’m ready to apologize and accept my mistake, but she cried out loud and made a big scene. I got very angry(I hate myself angry) and teased her more which was not suppose to happen but I did it. So I left college abruptly without any solution. So I was not quite happy with what I did and called up the BF to apologize about and I realize that something he told me over the conversation was very important for life as friendship. He said that even if a friend was committing a crime against you, you would have to forgive him/her and get back to what you were before the “so- called- fight.” Of course, I dint accept it in the first place. I argued with him about it for quite sometimes and things he told really made sense. There are only a few minor differences between Love and Friendship and fights like these just should not ruin the friendship because like he said, we never expect anything from a friendship just unlimited love and joy. Thats why we have friends, isn’t it?? Give me your comments and suggestions on this one.