Friendships day 7.8.2011

There are still some who make life living. Like mothers, babies and friends! The last, being the most likely to make that happen. Perhaps it all began when Adam was lost in the world called ‘Paradise’. When Eve found out the person she was going to find company in, she wasn’t sure what name she’d put to this newfound company. I think all of us innately can never put any definitive name to ‘friendship’. Its one feeling of togetherness that can never stand in comparison to another relation in the world!

Friends for Life

While there are some things that remain constant in life, like love and marriage, taxes and cranky husbands, so is friendship! The only difference is that friends live on for a lifetime! Amidst crises, small and big, blood relations somehow come in the last lap of the scenario. Every woman needs a friend because friends make life worth living! It’s only friends who handle a mishap and mend a broken heart. Friends are the first to handle everything from celebrations to accidents to even domestic calamities. I think God made friends to make us life live the way we want.

They accept us the way we are and we on the other hand neglectfully handle. They are like the Almighty’s first impression while trotting on the path of life! While in school, we all learn to make friends and share parts of our life. But it is not always that we like to take the instructions off hand. We actually spend most of the time being within our world, with our own little selfish selves. With Teenage coming in and what seems like an era of identity crises galore, it is only friends who can actually understand what the ‘real’ feeling at the time is! Parents aside, its only natural to have a friend speak to you and impart that timely advise no other blood relation could ever convince you with.

It is no wonder that most politicians do not have as many friends as compared to the many advisors that thwart their way of accurate thinking! Man being the lonely animal that he is, it’s only natural to define any person associated with you to be first identified as a friend! Some food for thought Pal!


>Desire – Deserve

>Most of us might have come across people disinterested about their life, regretting about the past, complaining about the present, and thinking deep about future without a clear conscience. Who knows what tomorrow is?????? Few of us might have stood wonder struck for what has made their life so dis-interesting and miserable. 

Such thoughts might be crossing over our minds from a very long time and probably we have all successfully failed to answer that question. We have to understand that, not all questions come with a straight-forward answer and this is one such. 

Well the question is pretty simple, “Do we desire for what we deserve or does the desire deserve all our pain and efforts?”

We long for something or someone, their love, care and affection. Sometimes we get what we want and most of the times we are unsuccessful. We must have observed two young people who are in love, at the beginning whispering with full concentration and a complete eye-contact but after a while the spark fades off, whispering turns into yelling, no eye contact, concentration diverts and leaves both of them with discomfort, thoughts of quitting crosses over the mind, dilemma and loneliness. They break-up not with each other but also with all other relationships. Should it supposed to be this way or is it us who have fashioned it to our convenience? 

If a single relationship ends is there a need to cut off from all other relationships too? Shouldn’t we all pause and think for a minute that there is something else that exists beyond all this? Do we even make an effort to think that there are many things and people you care about and vice versa? 

Nine out of ten times the answer would be a simple two-letter word “No”. We let our emotions control our thoughts and we become paralyzed tending to forget everything, regretting about the past and complaining about the present.

Life always takes different diversions and quitting is not the solution. At such times, we should relax and let go off all the negative thoughts, emotions, start thinking with a clear conscience. Well, we know; “It is easier said than done”, but there is nothing impossible.

Desire is a boon and a bane at the same time. There is a saying, “Desire is the root of all miseries” and another saying which contradicts the former” Desire is the key to motivation”. Sounds strange, but it is true….. Strange, because it is contradicting, true, you need to desire to aim high and reach your goal. On the contemporary we have to answer the above mentioned questions before assigning the task to our brain and heart.

Had Adam and Eve not desired to eat the apple from “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” probably we did not have to fight so hard for our existence. Not just in the story, in reality we have many such serpents which insist us to an extent of losing control on our thoughts, blind-folding them just a little caution can prevent the damage.

Desire can always take us high if used properly else it would have the adverse effect on our life. It makes you abandon not only self but also influences the entire environment changing the atmosphere where you are. It leaves us in a state of confusion and makes us indecisive.

“Dreams to touch the sky are made at ground level” is one of the finest quotes I have come across, but, “Can we touch the sky????? Is it possible????? Imagination has no boundaries and this phrase must have taken birth to satisfy the “desire” of an author but there should always be a constant effort to get what we desire; on the contemporary we should be a little aware of the reality. We all know the famous proverb, “Man proposes god disposes. Few things are not uncontrollable and an effort done to hold it back will only cause more mishap to one’s life.

Human-being is a knot of several relationships. He/she would be delegated with different roles and responsibilities. End of one Relationship means not an end to all others and yourself.

“Life on earth might be expensive but we should never forget the part of getting a free trip around the sun, enjoy the jolly ride to your fullest”.


>I believed
When I shouldn’t have
I loved you
When I never could have

You learned your lesson,
I learned mine
You should never love me
And I should never trust you

We both messed up
We both made mistakes
You made yours, I made mine
Now I wish I could rewind time

Take me back to before all this
Take me away from all the pain
Pull me away from our last kiss
And take me away from your sweet smile

Take away all your lies
I always thought you meant everything
Take away all these cries
And take away our final goodbyes

Yes, it could have been
Yes, we could have lasted
Forever was a possibly
But we both know how this turned out

You were my hero
I was your nothing
You gave me sorrow
That will forever last

Go move on
Go be happy
Leave me torn
Leave me sore

Flee from me
And I’ll flee from you
Don’t ever regret
What you’re about to do

I still love you
With all my heart
Every day and every night,
All of this, right from the start.

>Lost you forever…


Being with you was like having every single one of my wish come true….
But now I HAVE LOST YOU….!
I know our roads will never cross again & i will never get to see you in my life…
Because……, I HAVE LOST YOU…!

I still miss you every second of my life.
Dream about you all day long….
But i don’t LOVE YOU anymore.
Whenever i think about you…,The chill hits every part of my body.
I left you behind in my Past….But “MEMORIES” of you are still haunting me very badly…
I don’t even want to try to get you back in my life,
Because i know I HAVE LOST YOU FOREVER…!

I always wanted to hold your hand when i walked on the street.
I always wanted & wished to look into your eyes when i wanted to feel nice.
But today i am all ALONE….and now i don’t have any expectations to get you back in my LIFE.

I still remember the day you came into my LIFE and turned my life into a “PARADISE”.
I came to know WHAT LOVE IS? Because of YOU.
The time we shared was a treasure to me.
I always wanted you to feel exactly what i feel for you.
But somewhere i failed to do so.

THE day i met you gave me the reason to smile.
I never felt alone because i know you were always with me…
But you walked away….
Without even knowing HOW WILL I FEEL ???
Without even knowing HOW MUCH I LONG TO BE WITH YOU ???
Without even knowing HOW WILL I LEAD MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU ???
Without even knowing HOW MUCH I NEED YOU ???
Without even knowing “HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU”
Was that LOVE…. I see in your eyes???
Or it was merely a reflection of mine.

When i needed you the most,you left me.
When i needed a shoulder to cry on,you were not there.
When i think, I just think of you.

The Love of yours has touched me “ONE TIME” & will last for “LIFETIME”.
I have still kept the memories of are “LOVE” alive.
I desire nothing more than to be with you forever until i die.
But now I HAVE LOST YOU…!!!

I let you go..Because I have realized that……,

YOU know WHY??????

**ME & MY LOVE**

>Life is Reality


Have you ever sat in the dark
And cried out at all the painful things done to your heart?

Have you ever gone back to that instant
To a place, a time, where you could let your feelings ‘represent’?

Have you ever closed your eyes and dreamed
About a quiet place where someone actually heard you scream?

Where someone would care for you
Like you deserve, like loved ones in fairy tales do?

Have you ever picked up that sharpened knife
And seriously thought about ending your life?

Have you ever placed that blade
Against your wrist as you let all other thoughts fade?

Have you ever dug deep in your soul
Searching for a happy place; finding a hole?

Have you ever looked death in the eyes
And almost believed, almost accepted those lies?

Well, I have… yes this is me
Now you can make the decision on whether I am to be believed.

Its not worth the horror drain
On your emotions, the endless pain.

Take it from one who knows
When you have faith in yourself, it shows.

Don’t give up this life yet
Your destiny is your own to set.

>Do good anyways


This poem was an inspiration from the already blogged thoughts by Mother Teresa.

People may be selfish, cruel, and 2-faced.
You do good anyway.

If you are happy and content in life, people will be jealous.
Be happy and do good anyway.

When you give your best, it may not be good enough.
Give your best shot and do good anyway.

When you are honest and true to heart, people may deceive you.
Be honest and do good anyway.

When you are rich and successful, you will have many friends who aren’t real friends.
Treat them well and do good anyway.

When you are kind and helpful, people will accuse you of have some motive.
Be kind and do good anyway.

When you do something bad, it will be remembered for years. When you do something good, it will be forgotten in a day.
Nevertheless, do good anyway.

God is there watching from up above, no good deed goes unnoticed.
So do good anyway.

>Love you eternally


This is a poem my friend Kalai wrote for her husband Prem after two years of happy marriage. They are one of the most naughtiest couple I’ve seen and made for each other.  You should read what Prem gave, you will be so mesmerized. I am so jealous about their compatibility. This post is dedicated to Prem from Kalai.. but I give it to both of them. Happy Anniversary guys. Wish you be like this forever.

Like the sea meets the Ocean.
The sky meets the Earth,
I wonder, if it were not you,
Would living life be worth??

You gave my life a meaning,
You taught me love again,
Every night I am dreaming,
Wondering how all this began?

I yearn for you my darling!!
Waiting to be with you.
Let our life unfurl at every turning,
Our love which is very true and new!

We will show the world what togetherness is,
In Husband-wife there is no hers or his,
You and I will always be OURS,
Let pass by months, days or hours.

I love you for everything,
I love you for mentioning
"Kalai, I have never felt like this before"
I will love for ever Kanna,
This is what your Kalai will assure.