End of a brilliant phase!!

I cherish Harry potter since it brought about a beautiful phase as well as a beautiful friendship!

I admit it was the movie which made me want to read, same way it did to C.S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narina! I am a feminist though I don’t publicly accept it ( okay now I did), the first thing that impressed me was that a guy in my class in school was so into this book!! Its very hard to find men accept women writers! Still is actually! MEN *SIGH*

Believe me when I say i never read books for the sake of liking it! It was books like economics n history that made me hate books so much! But now I have also fond for a liking of such books due to books like Harry Potter n authors like JK Rowling! Likewise some relationships change everything that was u.

I am taking about a dear friendship which grew becos of taking tutions for maths! I was weak in maths, still am but I did score the highest in it. This was in my 11th std. Bharani was in my class from the 4th std but we hardly ever talked becos I thought she was too shy n she thought I was too bold 🙂 we still laugh abt the fact that we never really liked each other until we took up the same group! 🙂

Harry potter was another reason for the friendship to grow more quicker n thicker! We started with discussing the flaws but then we grew together with it! We read it together n we read it apart, we cried apart n together! Laughed together n apart! I relate my friendship with harry potter. It is a spl bond both harry potter n our friendship!

Harry potter series may end but we will still keep reading it, talk about it, laugh about it! So will it cherish my friendship with her. Love u guys bharani, pavitra, amudha, anusha and sindhu for those lovely memories which will always stay with us forever no matter wherever, whoever u are!

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